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Panasonic ET-UW100

New Panasonic ET-UW100
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Easy Wireless Stick ET-UW100

3 Easy Steps to Wireless Projection

The ET-UW100 brings easy wireless projection with wireless ready Panasonic projectors.
For swift wireless projection, simply plug the ET-UW100 into your computer's USB terminal.
You don't have to install any complicated application software or make time-consuming settings.

Fast Wireless Projection in 3 Easy Steps

Easy, Fast and Versatile Performance

No need to install any software

The built-in application software will automatically activate when you plug the ET-UW100 into the USB terminal. 
At the same time, it will detect the wireless ready Panasonic projectors that you can connect to and display them on the selection screen.
You don't have to install any complicated application software or make time-consuming settings.*

* Initial settings are necessary for the application software. Also, for certain computer environments, 
it is necessary to manually activate the application software. Infrastructure mode is not supported.

Fast picture appearance

It only takes about 10 seconds* for the picture to appear once you have selected the projector to connect to and pressed the Live button.
This reduces the bothersome waiting time for projection to begin, and increases operating comfort.

* If a program is executing in the background (e.g., virus check program), it might take more time.

Compatible with both Mac and Windows

The ET-UW100 is compatible with computers running various Windows operating systems (Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, Windows® 8), and Mac OS X v10.6/v10.7/v10.8.*1 Because there is no installation required, you also don‘t have to worry about security software interrupting and disabling the operation.
And because both administrator and user privileges are supported,*2 you can easily use it on shared computers.

*1 For details on OS compatibility, check the system requirements below.
*2 Only administrator privileges are supported with Windows XP. User privileges are not supported.

Useful Features


After you make the initial settings once, future connections are automatic

If you frequently use a certain projector, you can set it to automatically connect as soon as you 
insert the ET-UW100. This eliminates the hassle of having to choose the projector each time, 
for even speedier projection.

Wireless projection from multiple PCs with 16-screen index style*

When the projector is set to “16-Screen Index Style,” you can connect up to 16 computers to 
one projector, and simultaneously display all 16 computer screens.
You can also temporarily switch over one of these screens to a full screen display.

* The ET-UW100 supports only the 16-Window Index Style when Multi-Live mode.
When using the [SIMPLE], [M-DIRECT] or [S-DIRECT] setting for your projector, 
you can connect with up to 10 PCs at the same time in Multi-Live mode.

Compatible Projectors

The ET-UW100 Easy Wireless Stick is compatible with Panasonic wireless-ready projectors.
Refer to the table below to see ET-UW100 firmware compatibility.

  Firmware Version
Up to ver. 2.0 Ver. 3.0 Ver. 4.0
PT-DZ570*1, PT-DW530*1, PT-DX500*1 Yes Yes Yes
PT-FW430*1, PT-FX400*1 Yes Yes Yes
PT-FW300NT, PT-F300NT Yes Yes Yes
PT-F200NT Yes Yes Yes
PT-FW100NT, PT-F100NT Yes Yes Yes
PT-VZ575N, PT-VW535N, PT-VX605N With limitations*2 With limitations*3 Yes
PT-VW435N, PT-VX505N With limitations*2 Yes Yes
PT-VW345NZ, PT-VX415NZ With limitations*2 Yes Yes
PT-VX400NT Yes Yes Yes
PT-LB90NT Yes Yes Yes
PT-LW80NT, PT-LB80NT, PT-LB75NT Yes Yes Yes
PT-LB60NT, PT-LB55NT, PT-LB50NT Yes Yes Yes
PT-LB51NT Yes Yes Yes

*1 With the ET-WM200 mounted.

*2 Firmware up to version 2.0 does not support wireless LAN network number [SIMPLE] and [S-DIRECT].
Version 2.0 is usable by setting a wireless LAN network number (e.g. S-MAP) other than [SIMPLE] and [S-DIRECT].

*3 Firmware version 3.0 does not support wireless LAN network number [SIMPLE].
Version 3.0 is usable by setting a wireless LAN network number (e.g. S-MAP, S-DIRECT) other than [SIMPLE].


Specifications and System Requirements


Model Number ET-UW100
Dimensions (W x H x D) 36 x 10 x 93 mm (1-3/7” x 2/5” x 3-2/3”) (Exclude protective cap)
Weight* Approx. 20 g (Approx. 0.04 lb)
Operating Temperature 5 °C‒35 °C (41 °F‒95 °F)
Operating Humidity 20-80 % (No condensation)

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